Our Firm has a full-service corporate law practice, including providing consultancy on the various case-appropriate options for establishing legal entities, incorporation of companies and branches with foreign investment and general corporate governance and regulatory compliance of joint stock companies, limited liability companies and other corporate entities under Turkish law. Our Firm provides legal consultancy on the following:

  • business and corporate restructuring matters;
  • liquidation of companies;
  • general assemblies;
  • amendments of the articles of associations including capital increases and capital deductions;
  • preparation of board and shareholders decisions in accordance with the operational requirements of the companies;
  • consultancy on liabilities of shareholders, board members/managers as well as auditors;
  • filings with governmental authorities in all corporate matters.

We further provide legal assistance in negotiation, preparation and review of various contracts including financial lease agreements, distribution agreements, licensing agreements, service agreements for provision of various types of services in different sectors, technology transfer agreements, license agreements, franchising agreements, concession agreements, employment agreements, stock option agreements, pledge agreements, escrow agreements, lease agreements, usufruct agreements, real estate purchases and all such other contracts necessary for the daily operations of corporations.